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METASAT Project Joins RISC-V International Community, Paving the Way for Innovative Satellite Solutions 

In a significant step towards revolutionizing the space industry, the METASAT project has officially joined the RISC-V International Community. This strategic collaboration between METASAT and RISC-V is expected to open new avenues for innovation, interoperability, and standardization in the satellite domain. 

METASAT, an ambitious initiative aimed at developing a new generation of satellites, has garnered substantial attention since its kick-off. The project focuses on utilizing cutting-edge technologies and architectures to enhance the performance, flexibility, and efficiency of satellite systems. By joining forces with the RISC-V International Community, METASAT aims to leverage the power of open-source hardware and foster collaboration with leading industry players. 

This Horizon Europe project aims at fostering the use of high-performance, open architectures in space applications, such as RISC-V based architectures of accelerators like GPUs and high-performance CPUs with acceleration features. Currently the only way is to use FPGAs, but it requires manual coding which is expensive both in terms of development and verification. Other solutions, especially in the domain of open hardware, can be leveraged in order to reduce the cost and shorten the time to market. This can be achieved by reusing/adapting open hardware solutions, such as the ones based on RISC-V. 

Additionally, RISC-V International is at the forefront of the open-source instruction set architecture (ISA) movement. It promotes the adoption and advancement of the RISC-V ISA, which enables the design of custom processors and accelerators. RISC-V’s community comprises a diverse range of companies, academic institutions, and individuals who collaborate to drive innovation and standardization in the semiconductor industry. 

The collaboration between METASAT and RISC-V is expected to enable the development of highly customizable and power-efficient satellite systems and it will facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration with experts in the field. By engaging with industry leaders, researchers, and developers, METASAT will be able to tap into a wealth of expertise and stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies. 

We are thrilled to transform the satellite industry and unlock new possibilities for the space industry together with the RISC-V community! 


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