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METASAT’s keynote talk at Flight Software Workshop Unveils Groundbreaking RISC-V Research and Development for Space and Safety Critical Systems

Last week, METASAT coordinator, Dr. Leonidas Kosmidis had a keynote talk at the 16th Annual Flight Software Workshop, held on March 21st, 2023. Dr. Kosmidis, Senior Researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), delivered a captivating presentation titled “RISC-V Research and Development for Space and Safety Critical Systems at BSC”, shedding light on the ground-breaking advancements in this field. 

Renowned for his expertise in critical systems, Dr. Kosmidis explored the latest developments in RISC-V architecture and its implications for space missions. The keynote provided valuable insights into the cutting-edge research conducted at BSC, emphasizing the potential impact of this open-source architecture on the future of space exploration, showcasing its ability to revolutionize the industry by tailoring processors to meet specific mission requirements. 

One of the key highlights of Dr. Kosmidis’s presentation was his deep dive into the technical aspects of RISC-V architecture. He emphasized its benefits in terms of fault tolerance, energy efficiency, and adaptability. The importance of collaboration within the RISC-V community and the need for standardization to facilitate widespread adoption were also highlighted. 

Dr. Leonidas Kosmidis’s keynote talk left the audience inspired and eager to explore the potential of RISC-V in space and safety critical systems, addressing the collaboration within the community and the standardization to facilitate widespread adoption. 

Additionally, the coordinator of the project also gave a talk regarding TASA software randomisation which is also shown to be effective in the METASAT hardware platform.  

Thanks Dr. Kosmidis for sharing the highlights of METASAT and the relevance of the RISC-V architecture and to the organization of the event for providing a platform to showcase such research. Together, we can shape the future of space exploration through cutting-edge technology and collaboration. 

See you next year!! 


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