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Goals and objectives

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The overall METASAT goal is to provide a holistic and modular model-based design (MBD) framework to design and test software modules that target open hardware, high-performance computing platforms. The framework will be implemented through a new MBD toolchain that will enable the design and validation of satellite applications. This overall goal can be further broken down in the following sub goals:

1. To improve the software life cycle by applying model-based engineering methodologies to the design and testing phases of satellite applications, thus attaining Rapid Development, Production and Assembly Integration and Testing (AIT).

2. To contribute to the future widespread use of high-performance computing platforms and openhardware architectures in space, thus easing the integration of complex software such as artificial intelligence algorithms, while at the same time maintaining a high level of software reliability and interoperability.

3. To strengthen European research and industrial capabilities of future satellites development by promoting the adoption of modular and virtualised on-board software architectures and of design and testing standards that will allow interoperability using plug-and-play components.


Develop a model-based design toolchain for virtualization environments

Provide support for virtualisation environments over high-performance computing platforms

Define virtual design and testing techniques to pave the way towards the implementation of Digital Twins

Demonstrate the METASAT toolchain in relevant use cases

Disseminate METASAT outcomes to the space sector and beyond