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BSC serves as the National Supercomputing Facility in Spain. Its mission is to research, develop and manage information technologies in order to facilitate scientific progress ranging from supercomputing to safety critical systems. BSC not only strives to become a first-class research center in this area, but also in scientific fields that demand high performance computing resources.

fentISS is a Spanish SME that focuses its activity and expertise in embedded real-time system software for mixed criticality applications. The company has developed the type 1 hypervisor XtratuM which is qualified for space
(ECSS level B) over SPARC-Leon processors and ARM-Cortex processors, as well as partitioning operating systems and runtimes and several development tools for rela-time systems.

The Advanced Laboratory on Embedded Systems is an Italian- affiliate of Collins Aerospace, one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defence technologies. For more than a decade, ALES has been one of the leading research institutes in Europe on methodologies for design and verification of embedded systems, with key contributions on contract-based design, hybrid system modelling and analysis, virtual integration and testing, and platform-based design.

Ikerlan is a Spanish private non-profit Technological Research Centre providing competitive value to companies. Thanks to its cooperation model, which combines technology transfer activities, internal research and training of highly qualified personnel, Ikerlan is currently a trusted technological partner of major companies. With more than 40 years of experience, Ikerlan develops innovative products and new tools and methodologies for implementation in design and production processes.


OHB System AG is one of the leading independent forces in European space. OHB traditionally combines the technologies of leading national and international companies to develop new solutions. With these partnerships and the effective participation in syndicates, OHB has been a sought-after and reliable partner for the European Space Agency, or the German Aerospace Center, as well as for customers in the private and public sector for several decades.