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METASAT Joins HIPEAC Network to Advance Innovation in Computer Architecture 

The METASAT consortium is thrilled to announce that this Horizon Europe project has become a member of the well-known HIPEAC network, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of advancing innovation in computer architecture. This partnership opens up exciting avenues for collaboration and growth within the high-performance computing community.

The METASAT project, an ambitious initiative dedicated providing a holistic and modular model-based framework to design and test software modules for the space and aviation domain, has now gained the support and recognition of the HIPEAC network. HIPEAC (European Network on High-Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation) is renowned for bringing together leading academic institutions, industrial partners, and researchers in the field of computer architecture across Europe.

By becoming a member of HIPEAC, METASAT gains access to a dynamic network of like-minded experts and pioneers in the industry. This affiliation will undoubtedly foster an environment of knowledge-sharing, idea exchange, and joint ventures, accelerating the progress of our project towards cutting-edge solutions. 

METASAT aims to revolutionize the landscape of computer architecture by exploring novel approaches and methodologies to enhance performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. Through our collaboration with HIPEAC, the project is positioned to take its research to new heights and strengthen our impact on the broader computing community. 

As a part of the HIPEAC network, METASAT will participate in different events and will be exposed in relevant media focused on cutting-edge advancements in high-performance computing. These opportunities will not only provide the consortium with valuable insights from experts but also offer a platform to showcase our groundbreaking work to a wider audience. 

We extend our gratitude to HIPEAC for welcoming us into their esteemed community and recognizing the potential of the METASAT project. Together, we aim to address the most pressing challenges faced by the computing industry and contribute to Europe’s leadership in this fast-evolving domain. 


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