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METASAT shines at HIPEAC Conference 2024

The METASAT Consortium proudly took centre stage at the HIPEAC Conference 2024 in Munich, where leaders in High-Performance Embedded Architecture converged to explore the latest advancements in areas of focus and integration including safety-critical dependencies. Members’ engagement at this event was marked by a compelling workshop and active participation across various sessions.

A highlight of METASAT’s participation was the workshop titled “METASAT: Programming High Performance RISC-V Technologies for Space” in which the consortium experts delved into the cutting-edge developments that promise to revolutionize new satellite designs using reliable on-board software technology.

The workshop, held on January 18th 2024, attracted a diverse audience eager to explore the latest advancements in the field by members from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, FENTISS, Advanced Laboratory on Embedded Syestems (part of Collins Aerospace), Ikerlan, and OHB.

The METASAT consortium shared insights into the development of the project and the tools or products involved on it. Through dynamic presentations and interactive discussions, speakers explained how their research is addressing critical challenges and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of satellite design. The event served as a nexus for collaboration, with attendees engaging in fruitful discussions, forging connections, and fostering an environment conducive to the exchange of ground-breaking ideas. Additionally, attendees had the chance to know more about the project during the poster exhibition in which METASAT was also present showing the overview of the project.

METASAT’s participation in the HIPEAC Conference not only showcased the current achievements of the consortium, it also painted a compelling vision for the future of satellite technology. We would like to thank organizers for providing this tool for collaboration and knowledge dissemination.

For more details about our workshop and other conference activities, visit the HIPEAC Conference 2024 website.


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