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METASAT shines at HIPEAC Conference 2024

The METASAT Consortium proudly took centre stage at the HIPEAC Conference 2024 in Munich, where leaders in High-Performance Embedded Architecture converged to explore the latest advancements in areas of focus and integration including safety-critical dependencies. Members’ engagement at this event was marked by a compelling workshop and active participation across

Leveraging virtualization with XtratuM/NG in METASAT

The METASAT project aims to develop a toolchain to design software modules with a model-based engineering methodology over a hardware virtualisation layer. METASAT addresses this challenge of isolated modular design with the use of a space qualified hypervisor, XtratuM/NG (XNG) by FENTISS. Using hypervisor-based bare-metal virtualisation into the system architecture

METASAT Joins HIPEAC Network to Advance Innovation in Computer Architecture 

The METASAT consortium is thrilled to announce that this Horizon Europe project has become a member of the well-known HIPEAC network, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of advancing innovation in computer architecture. This partnership opens up exciting avenues for collaboration and growth within the high-performance computing community. The

METASAT Project Joins RISC-V International Community, Paving the Way for Innovative Satellite Solutions 

In a significant step towards revolutionizing the space industry, the METASAT project has officially joined the RISC-V International Community. This strategic collaboration between METASAT and RISC-V is expected to open new avenues for innovation, interoperability, and standardization in the satellite domain.  METASAT, an ambitious initiative aimed at developing a new

METASAT’s keynote talk at Flight Software Workshop Unveils Groundbreaking RISC-V Research and Development for Space and Safety Critical Systems

Last week, METASAT coordinator, Dr. Leonidas Kosmidis had a keynote talk at the 16th Annual Flight Software Workshop, held on March 21st, 2023. Dr. Kosmidis, Senior Researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), delivered a captivating presentation titled “RISC-V Research and Development for Space and Safety Critical Systems at BSC”,

METASAT lifts off to design the methodology of future European satellites

Launched in January 2023, the European Commission-funded project METASAT kicked off to provide a holistic and modular model-based framework to design and test software modules that target open architecture hardware, high-performance computing platforms for the space and aviation domain. This promising project combines the experience of knowledge generators like Barcelona Supercomputing