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Author: Ana

METASAT Project Introduces Innovative Design Methodology for Future Satellites in DATE Conference 2024

At the recent DATE conference 2024, the METASAT project unveiled a groundbreaking approach aimed at revolutionizing the design process for future satellites. Recognizing the intricacies involved in satellite design and the imperative to adhere to ECSS standards, the project introduces a novel methodology centered on model-based engineering, bolstered by open

METASAT’s Hardware Platform Delivering Significant Multicore Performance

The METASAT project has reached more than half its duration, and with it, the first project results are about to be completed. The METASAT hardware platform is almost complete and it contains a multicore processor based on the GPL version of the Frontgrade Gaisler’s NOEL-Vintegrated with the SPARROW AI accelerator

METASAT shines at HIPEAC Conference 2024

The METASAT Consortium proudly took centre stage at the HIPEAC Conference 2024 in Munich, where leaders in High-Performance Embedded Architecture converged to explore the latest advancements in areas of focus and integration including safety-critical dependencies. Members’ engagement at this event was marked by a compelling workshop and active participation across

Leveraging virtualization with XtratuM/NG in METASAT

The METASAT project aims to develop a toolchain to design software modules with a model-based engineering methodology over a hardware virtualisation layer. METASAT addresses this challenge of isolated modular design with the use of a space qualified hypervisor, XtratuM/NG (XNG) by FENTISS. Using hypervisor-based bare-metal virtualisation into the system architecture

METASAT Joins HIPEAC Network to Advance Innovation in Computer Architecture 

The METASAT consortium is thrilled to announce that this Horizon Europe project has become a member of the well-known HIPEAC network, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of advancing innovation in computer architecture. This partnership opens up exciting avenues for collaboration and growth within the high-performance computing community. The

METASAT Project Joins RISC-V International Community, Paving the Way for Innovative Satellite Solutions 

In a significant step towards revolutionizing the space industry, the METASAT project has officially joined the RISC-V International Community. This strategic collaboration between METASAT and RISC-V is expected to open new avenues for innovation, interoperability, and standardization in the satellite domain.  METASAT, an ambitious initiative aimed at developing a new